European Marine Intelligence
Conference May 22,

European Marine Intelligence <br>Conference

2017 Programme

2018 programme will follow shortly.

How Big Data Technology Can Transform Shipping
Extracting value from Big Data technologies 

08:15 Registration, and networking coffee in the exhibition area

09:15 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Paul Fanning, Editor, Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery


The opening session will set the scene by looking at how Big Data solutions are being utilised for commercial use. Data on key trends and developments will highlight the expected uptake and impact on the maritime industry.

09:30 Opening Keynote: Digital transformation across the marine industry

  • Market dynamics and challenges that are driving a digital transformation
  • Improving performance through data … unlocking improved return on assets 
  • Roadmap for a fully digitized marine strategy 

Tim Schweikert, President and CEO, GE's Marine Solutions

09:50 Q&A

10:00 Key trends and developments

  • Analysing trends and developments showing the key role Big Data is already playing
  • Forecasted growth of Big Data within the maritime industry

Michiel Meijer, Senior Director, Market Management, Inmarsat

10:20 Q&A

10:30 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Panasia


The leading engine builders and OEMs will present their solutions by highlighting key features and benefits. The audience will have a unique opportunity to get all the details they need during the open panel discussion.

11:10 The WinGD's digital solution for optimized vessel operations

  • Remote engine data acquisition ... our experience
  • Data from installed applications
  • Potentialities and possibilities
  • Engine diagnostic system demonstration
  • Performance monitoring module
  • Engine components analysis
  • Dynamic maintenance plan
  • Troubleshooting module

Carmelo Cartalemi, Manager Engine Portfolio, Winterthur Gas & Diesel

11:25 Q&A

11:30 Technology in the digital era

  • Disconnect in technology propagation
  • Reliance on digital technology
  • Real-time Condition monitoring
  • Virtual and remote support

Melvin Mathews, Maritime Director, ENIRAM – A Wärtsilä Company

11:45 Q&A

11:50 Big data and satellite connectivity in shipping

  • Key needs within maritime
  • Single integrated solution platform for maritime
  • Meeting your big data and high bandwidth requirements

Ton Ebbenhorst, Business Development Manager, Orange

12:05 Q&A

12:10 Managing forces, vectors and inertia
The case of true prediction of outcome of Ship operator control inputs
Jörgen Strandberg, General Manager, ANC Advanced Technology, Wärtsilä

12:25 Q&A

12:30 Using Big Data to predict requirements for fouling control and its impact on ship efficiency

  • Sources of data which can help fouling prediction and coating specification
  • How data is pulled together
  • New data modeling and its application in other industries

Richie Ramsden, Section Leader – Data Exploration, International Paint

12:45 Q&A

12:50 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by Lloyd's Register

14:00 Using PI to transform the torrent of existing digital data from modern ships into real actionable intelligence

  • Industry consortium with OSIsoft, James Fisher, Fugro and Southampton University
  • Developed a ground breaking innovative solution to the ‘Big Data’ problem, pooling domain knowledge and industry experience
  • Allowing a future proof approach that can expand as sensors and ROI can be justified.
  • SEA-CORES balances the complex trade-offs modelled into one tool to drive real operational impacts

Matt Miller, Transportation Industry Principal, OSIsoft
Chris Courtaux, Head of Engineering and Energy Services, BAE Systems, Maritime Services

14:15 Q&A

14:20 Big Data and CBM: Main engine condition based monitoring based on big data analysis

  • Multi Sensor Alerts - definition and implementation
  • Sensor correlations under multi sensor filters - Engines are more than a single physical sensor 
  • Time is forever -  Trend in time over extended periods, analysis and interpretation  

Capt Azriel Rahav, Founder and CEO, Totem Plus    

14:35 Q&A

14:40 Enhancing lifecycle efficiency and vessel operations through condition monitoring and use of big data

  • Leveraging on-shore and on-board technologies to reduce energy and emission footprints
  • Utilising big-data and advanced analytics to optimise vessel and fleet performance
  • Combine with health management and provide total business optimisation
  • Application of real-time diagnostics to support prompt decision making

Marco Cristoforo Camporeale, General Manager – Intelligent Asset Management, Rolls-Royce Marine

14:55 Q&A

15:00 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Panasia


Senior representatives from class societies will offer their perspectives on the impact Big Data will have on the industry and highlight the key role they will play through support services.

15:40 How we are transforming our support to customers through digitalisation in our classification business

  • Modernising class
    Case study I: Applying machine learning for improved service levels
    Case study II: New approval methods and survey booking
  • Safety Insight
  • Veracity: new opportunity platform

Sven Edgren, Head of Innovation, DNV GL

16:00 Q&A

16:10 Class adaptation to the data-centric asset

  • The use of data analytics to support asset health assessments
  • How data can be leveraged to support the in-service survey process

George Reilly, Managing Principal Engineer, ABS

16:30 Q&A


Users of Big Data solutions will present case studies demonstrating technologies and share the benefits they have seen to date. 

16:40 Case study: Implementation of condition-based maintenance (CBM) systems

  • Collecting accurate and timely data on the status of all equipment/systems on board vessels
  • Utilising real-time asset information to optimize operations and maintenance 
  • Dealing with challenges when transferring data
  • Deriving meaningful information to help understand the health of equipment
  • Delivering predictive analysis through real time information to crew and superintendents 

Danielle Lammens, Maintenance Manager, Exmar Shipmanagement

17:00 Q&A

17:10 Next generation Data Acquisition & Analysis, supported by artificial intelligence

  • Collecting accurate and reliable data and high-grade qualitative/quantitative analysis through Artificial Intelligence
  • Reducing vessel fuel oil consumption and optimising CO2 emissions
  • Meeting the requirements of technical & operations departments of leading maritime companies

Serafeim Katsikas, CTO, Metis Cyberspace Technology
Ioannis P. Koutsoukos, Technical Director, GLOBUS Shipmanagement Corp

17:30 Q&A

17.40 How machine learning provides actionable insights to maritime operators
Walter Mitchell, Maritime Director, SparkCognition

17:55 Q&A

18:00 Closing remarks, followed by drinks reception sponsored by Marine Eco Analytics

19:00 End of drinks reception, followed by pre-registration for the European Marine Engineering Conference, Awards & Exhibition

20:00 End of pre-registration

* Programme subject to change / amendments


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