European Marine Intelligence
Conference May 22, 2018

European Marine Intelligence <br>Conference

Extracting value from Big Data technologies 


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The strategic use of ‘big data’ to monitor, maintain and manage equipment on board vessels represents a seismic shift for the shipping industry. The analysis of equipment data allows businesses to undertake remote, realtime onshore monitoring of equipment performance, forestall problems and inform long-term purchasing and commissioning decisions. The implications are potentially huge, with significant benefits on everything from fuel consumption, and maintenance, crewing costs and safety to future ship and equipment design.
Rather than being a technology of the future, this is happening now, meaning that competitive advantage is being gained by early adopters of the available technologies. 
This is why Riviera is holding the Marine Intelligence Conference. Here, shipowners and operators can learn from a range of industry experts just how big data can be and is being harnessed to streamline and revolutionise shipping businesses today and get a view of how it will shape tomorrow.



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"Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine"
Peter Sondergaard, Gartner Research

"The ability to process and analyse technical diagnostic data and put it to good use is moving forward at such a rate that to wait and see will mean getting left behind – perhaps fatally"

"The use of data in making shipping more efficient is currently being touted as the biggest and most disruptive technology to hit shipping in decades – possibly in centuries."

"No-one should underestimate the significance of Big Data. There is no doubt that it represents a paradigm shift in marine operations."

"Watching how shipping balances its need to embrace Big Data with its need to maintain security will be one of the most interesting facets of the shipping industry in the years to come."
Paul Fanning, Editor, Marine Propulsion

"You’re going to see the industry leaders break out and start implementing this technology sooner than you think… The smart ones see it and are taking action on it now, but the ones currently in denial are going to be impacted.”
Tim Schweikert, Chief Executive, GE Transportation

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery is proud to deliver the second European Marine Intelligence conference in 2018. Companies that have taken the lead in developing and using Big Data technologies will share their vision, introduce their latest technologies and highlight the key benefits to owners and operators. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get all the information you need to develop your Big Data strategy.

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2017 Exhibitors:

Programme highlights

  • Key trends and developments – How big a role will Big Data play in the marine sector?
  • Engine builders and OEMs will present their solutions by highlighting key features and benefits
  • Class societies will discuss the key role they will play in providing support services
  • Users of Big Data solutions will present case studies demonstrating technologies and share user experience
  • Numerous networking opportunities during lunch, refreshment breaks and the evening drinks reception


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